The private Life of Greta Garbo by her most intimate friend Sven-Hugo BorgThe Private Life of GRETA GARBO –
by Her Most Intimate Friend

HERE is the greatest and most authentic life-story ever written about Greta Garbo. No writer has yet revealed the real truth about the stolid Swedish girl who, by her genius and energy, became the world’s most famous and most admired Screen Star.

THERE have been many life-stories of Greta Louvisa Gustafson; for such is her real name, but her amazing history has so far been something of a mystery to all film fans, for the obvious reason that the celebrated actress has never sought the limelight not allowed anyone to pen her biography with any real degree of authenticity.

THE author of this life-story is Sven-Hugo Borg. When Greta, in 1925, appeared in THE TORRENT, her first American picture, Borg acted as her interpreter. He worked with her in this capacity until quite recently, and on many occasions he accompanied her on those long mysterious walks into the mountains surrounding Hollywood.

At the studio and in her home, Sven-Hugo Borg has been Greta’s constant companion and confidant. Only he can tell of the real Garbo.

THE story of her life is at once illuminating and instructive. It is the drama of a courageous spirit fired by the flames of ambition and by love of a truly great art.